Nicole Jean Hill
Lolo Pass, OregonUcross, WyomingSusitna River, AlaskaBranched Oak, NebraskaEstacada, OregonSalcha, AlaskaSamoa Dunes #1, CaliforniaRoger's Canyon IIMelamoose Road, OregonMad River, CaliforniaYankee Hill, NebraskaTalkeetna, AlaskaMichoudFox Creek, WyomingSouth Jetty, CaliforniaCoal Creek, WyomingCarlotta, CaliforniaSamoa Dunes #2, CaliforniaElk Head, CaliforniaDutch Creek, WyomingCenterville Beach, CaliforniaRoger's Canyon II, Laramie, WyomingSt. Peter's Dome, Colorado Springs, ColoradoCheyenneRampart RangeMelamoose Road Quarry, Estacada, OregonRoger's Canyon I, Laramie, WyomingZig Zag Pass, Brightwood, OregonSaratogaTitlow Hill, Humboldt County, California
Artifacts & Incidents
I create photographs along the periphery of rural communities in the western United States - the spaces nestled between national forest lands and private property or the easement zones along county roads and greenbelts. Existing as neither private nor public, these liminal spaces simultaneously imply autonomy and lawlessness. Without a clearly defined function, these borderlands are an overlap of unruliness and regulation. They contain evidence of the disruptive character of human activity, efforts at cultivation, and the inherent wildness of an environment.

Within each frame and throughout the series, the familiar and the ominous coexist. My goal is to create implied narratives of the orderly and untamable. It is through this visual investigation that I question the nature of nature and the desire to define the boundaries between the knowable and unpredictable landscape.

Editions of 5
22" x 28"
Archival Pigment Prints